Chord Gitar Ardhito Pramono – Plaza Avenue

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Capo fret 2
C#m7      F#m
Don't put me into your lovely day
               Bm7     Bbm7 Am7 Dm7
'Cause I don't belong to you
           Gm Cm7              F#m F
I put this melody, from my guitar
           Em   A                Dm7
But still I will remember you

                  C#m7     F#m
Taught me all the love and gay
       Bm7          Bbm7 Am7 Dm7
At the plaza afternoon
          Gm      Cm7      F#m F
Share all the memories, of you and me
          Em     A         Dm7
But still I will remember you

                  Am7    Dm7
The smell of your lovely day
Taking me back to you
                       Gm Cm7
Please tell me something new
I'll write a song for two
               Fm      Bbm7
If only they're in need
You're too good to be true
           Em     A            Em A
And all the love starting to bloom

Outro: Dm7 C#m7 F#m Bm7 Bbm7 Am7 Dm7
       Gm Cm7 F#m F Em A Dm7
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