Chord Gitar Beach Bunny – Fire Escape

Transpose : Autoscroll :
Intro : C G Dm F
        C G Dm F

C        G         Dm     F
paralyzed, it's contagious
C            G
 you got the world
        Dm      F
hangin' on your lips
       F     C  Dm
life's gentle.. painless
F       C        Dm
 an automatic prerogative

C         G        Dm     F
hypnotized, it's voracious
C         G             Dm     F
 i try to grasp at your golden glare
       F      C  Dm
life's fragile.. patient..
F       C            Dm
 broken glass flyin' through the air

Int. C G Dm F
     C G Dm F

C       G      Dm     F
humanize your equation
C            G       Dm  F
 i'd like to be your remedy
 F     C  Dm
swallow.. slowly..
F            C            Dm
 i feel your heartbeat in everything

C        G       Dm     F
visualize at the station
C           G
 i took the train
       Dm      F
to the great escape
   F       C  Dm
of new york.. subway system..
F            C
 i carve the car seat
with both our names

Int. C G Dm F
     C G Dm F

C            F
 my heart is tipping over
C           A#        F
 pouring out when you say
C      A#         F
gravity couldn't sway
C        A#       F
any placе is the place i'll be
whеn you're far away

Outro : C G Dm F
        C G Dm F
        C G Dm F
        C G Dm F-Em Dm  
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